Thursday 28 February 2013

Beowulf v0.3 conceptual and physical layouts

Ok, now that I have received all the network gear I needed I can continue with this adventure :-)
Here is the conceptual design.
I know that Hadoop runs tipically on local storage but I will try also MPICH2 and may be Rocks cluster, both of them using SAN storage.
  • I had problems with the HW of one node (Overclocking is no longer supported to provide max stability :-) so I had to fix it reducing its speed and finished adding one master node with plenty of power (P-IV 3Ghz) and heat :-(.
  • I have installed the net switch plus one manageable power plug array so I can start any node remotely. I have seen more than 400Watts when they are running :-((((( so it is mandatory to be able to switch them on and off on demand.
And this is the physical layout (not very detailed but gives one idea of the real stuff).

Will continue.....

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