Thursday 14 March 2013

Beowulf Beta 0.5

Hello everybody

I just finished some iconic steps of the beowulf and even closed its first "personality".
HW wise is now finished and even the MPICH2 personality was added to all nodes.

As you can see the PSUs are re-aarranged and the local disks are completely out of view (at their back).
Also the network switch is 100% attached and functional.
Even the new power plugs are running ok.

Still some power on issues aflict my nodes :-(  I guess time is an enemy of computers when not treated correctly :-P

Project phases (as of today):

Infrastructure building  100%
Frame building            100%
HW installation           100%
HW "Stabilization"      100%
First boot                   100%
SW installation           100%
SW selection --> MPICH2 (For the fiirst personality) 100%
OS installation (Ubuntu server 32bit 12.04 LTS) -->   100%
OS customization -->                                                 100%
Network configuration -->                                          100%
New switch (24 ports) installation. -->                        100%
SAN & NAS configuration (NFS) -->                         50%  (still using only local disks)
Test the System -->                                                        0%

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