Friday 15 February 2013

Beowulf Alpha 0.2

Had to "reduce the map" of the cluster ;-) so I cut the height of the stack. Initially each node had 13cms in height but it looks like11cm is enough. Also now it can be placed under my shelves, which is a good thing for the space in my room.

I replaced the initial mix of 2x20GB & 2x40GB HDDs with 2x120GB & 2x160GB HDDs so I can run two different versions of my HPC system... hellooouuu Rocks cluster :-P

Project phases:

  1. Infrastructure building  100%
    1. Frame building         100%
    2. HW installation        100%
    3. HW "Stabilization"   100%
    4. First boot                100%
  2. SW installation            0%
    1. SW selection --> Hadoop (For the time being) 100%
    2. OS installation (Ubuntu server 32bit 12.04 LTS) --> 75% 
    3. OS customization 
  3. Network configuration
    1. New switch needed (24 ports). Installation.
    2. SAN & NAS configuration (¿NFS or iSCSI?)
  4. Test the System

Will continue.....


Unknown said...


Just a bit more, and you will build the ENIAC machine!!!(

A very good and entertaining puzzle.

Ander said...

He he he, it is really entertaining, actually so mch that it is eating all my spare time (the 10 mins I have each day :-)
I don´t expect it to have too much power but I really hope it will be more powerfull than ENIAC :-) (and less power hungry, and less cables, and less real state, and less... ) :-D

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