Sunday 23 September 2012

Sunday 9 September 2012

Yara i Spanien :-D

Titta vad jag hittade i en spansk bil i Almeria (Spanien) XD
Gamla minnen....

Thursday 6 September 2012

New toy in town ;-)

After all that buzz over LPG I thought I should introduce our new toy;
We just bought it second hand a week ago in pristine condition (hopefully ...) and with low mileage (56k km)

And no, there is not enough room in the trunk for the LPG tank plus the luggage :-(

Monday 3 September 2012

More about petrol consumptions

As the last post talks about fuel consumption I will spoil a little the news of the summer and I will talk about the new Miata consumption.

As you can see those two are my yesterdays two visits to the gas station.
In total it shows a consumption of 44.17L at 64.51€.... it is not cheap at all, but it could have been worst since I did 590.5km

It shows a 7.48L / 100km (running at legal speeds and mostly using 120km/h highways) or 10,92€ / 100km, quite far away from my 7€/100km my LPG car makes.

If I make the maths using those figures:
GPL install = 1800€+IVA (VAT) = 2178€
Assuming it uses the same amount of LPG as my Octavia then we can see that we can save 4€ each 100km and 2178/4=544.5 meaning that I would have to make 54500km to break even.

Something that needs a lot of thinking though since looks like I would use almost half of the trunk for the LPG tank. :-( Unfortunately there is no other location to place it.

Holidays are for the summer