Sunday 9 February 2014

This is what happens when a Mac Mini turns into the dark side

In this case we are not ditching OSX but just converting it into an XBMC machine. 
Of course it has gone through "chapa & pintura" (some deep changes) with its original Core Duo cpu (32 bits) changed for a speedier Core 2 Duo (64 bits), the HD also was exchanged for one with more real state for the data and the original personality of the 1,1 Mac Mini was converted to 2,1 Mac Mini (I will just let the reader think about it ;-)
The exterior was coat protected, then painted with dark gray and then varnished with a thin mate film.
Also the upper side was painted with a (later learned cheap) black paint and also varnished twice.

Anyway, if Darth Vader ever had a Mac Mini I guess it would have been like this :-D

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