Tuesday 7 December 2010

Chillida Leku

Following the help call from Chillida Leku´s management a lot of people has decided to visit this now classic place. 
Gilda and me were between those ones who came to visit it before it was too late.

Looks like the scarce number of visitors has driven the museum to a really though condition and they are planning to close doors the last day of December. 
I  really hope this will never happen since the Basque Government will not allow this one to fall. 
Came on Francisco, do something just for one time!!
The place is a real dream, located in a green hill (there is any other type? ;-) near the very well known city of Donostia (San Sebastian). It contains several sculptures and strange iron art which I really cannot understand very well. 

What I really was amazed to see was his Caserío (old style basque house) which is a really pice of art. It is really spacious and has been recently renovated so it looks really nice.

I recommend everyone to visit this place since this was one of our most well known artists. Not very well known here but quite well known outside of the Iberian peninsula.

As always it is very difficult to be a prophet in your country.

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