Saturday 25 September 2010

I landet av korv ätare (Part 2)

Intermediate origin: Lübeck (Germany)
News from HR Spain: zero
Stress level: moderate plus a broken bulb.

That morning we woke up in "The Excelsior" at Lübeck. Even if you are thinking WOW! because of the name of the hotel please rethink it again, since it is just a three starts hotel, not bad at all but not what everyone has in mind when hearing that name.

Anyway I can recommend the hotel, so we left the car in the hotels garage and headed to the center of the village to take a closer look at it. In just one word: NICE (F. --> not the town in the south of France but the adjective).

Lübeck is a old commerce central point that has managed to keep some very good looking buildings. It looked to me like a swedish town with a lot of baroque architects.  BTW, the main church construction history is really interesting and also good to know if you are not so kind of visiting churches ;-)
Anyway, it is a place worth visiting. Also Hamburg is quite close so if you have never seen a massive ship in a massive port with massive number of containers and massive everything, then you have the perfect excuse to take some days off and visit Hamburg + Lübeck.

A bit late after walking down the main streets of Lübeck we were on the road again and forgetting last days happenings we headed south.

At this point of the story I have to explain that some years ago, during a visit to Stockholms Town Hall, I  bought a small present to Gilda in the form of a keyholder named "Emily". It is a small angel like figure with a small Swarovski like glass in the middle. She enjoyed this keyholder for a long time but one day she lost it, and even if I could find a new one in the same place it was not exactly equal so we decided to go to the south of Germany and find the warehouse where they build them (or bring them from China...)
Unfortunately the GPS sent us through multiple 3rd level german roads and when we found the place it was late, it was closed and we where in the middle of nowhere in the german mountains so we selected a close town where to find the next hotel.

Now the day was starting to fade and the only healthy headlight of my car decided to die and we were left in the most absolute darkness.

With only the position lights and after 1 hour of trying to reach a hotel in Koblenz, we managed to find a Mercure hotel. Unfortunately they only had one double room left and it was incredibly expensive. As we had no lights (not in the car not in the brain after driving one hour as a dark ghost car) we settled down for this night. Now I have 2xx€ less but I am member of the Mercure VIP guests....

Intermediate destination : Koblenz
Total km done: 650+-n /n[10-100]km.
News from HR Spain: no.
Stress level: High plus two broken bulbs.
Hotel quality: Good, Price: Expensive.
More posts: coming soon.

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